London Councils funding 2013 – 2015 BAN not recommended for funding

BAN has been well funded by London Councils since 2008 and has been quoted as a model for partnership working able to deliver services across the whole of London. Indeed a number of the case studies on the London Councils Grants website come from BAN members.

What a sad New Year’s surprise, then, to learn that neither of BAN’s two applications to London Councils for 2013-2015 was being recommended for funding.

Of course, BAN did exercise its right of reply and members at the Grants Committee meeting on 20 February made a strong case in support of the BMER sector but the Committee decided not to change the recommendation that BAN should not be funded. This decision has the potential to deny BAMER communities across London access to vital homelessness advice and information services. It may also do irreparable damage to the BAMER advice sector which has amassed a considerable amount of expertise to reach out to and to address the specific needs of the BAMER communities, one of the most vulnerable groups in London with regards to risk of homelessness.

However, BAN is not just about attracting funding to maintain itself; BAN is a network of organisations dedicated to providing high quality support and advice to London’s disadvantaged BMER communities. Adversity is nothing new to BAN members or to the communities they serve and so despite this potential setback BAN is determined it will continue to exist and AdviceUK has agreed to continue to support the network.

BAN submitted a petition with 868 signatures to the London Councils Leaders’ Committee on 12 March 2013 calling on them to save BAN’s funding. Unfortunatley the Committee decided against funding BAN. The response is below:

Response to BAN Petition from Mayor Jules Pipe

To learn more about the impact of BAN’s homelessness work, read the following case studies:

BAN Homelessness Case Studies.pdf